Looking for FOSS video platform server

I’ve searched a bit for servers that can stream some videos I downloaded from YouTube in the browser. Most software I found was not fully open source and was way too bloated and demanding. I search specifically for a server that only does stream the videos easily, that’s it. It has to be as lightweight as possible.

The only solution I came across that is remotely close to what I am looking for is CumulusClips. However, that project was updated in 2017 the last time. There are neither newer releases nor any development progress shown on its Github repository.

Does anyone know an alternative that is a lightweight video platform server?

I don’t want any advanced bloated software and I don’t need the decentralized software that relies on many peers providing the same content.

All I want is something that works similar to YouTube, except much more lightweight. Just visit my website, select the video, watch the video, leave the website. That’s it. These are the only features I need.

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I been using


Dont know if it is what you want. Seems OK to me

This is a YouTube client.

I’m not aware of any alternatives — but have you tried PeerTube?

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For the videos you have locally stored you can use kodi by creating a network share for the folder and directing kodi to that folder as a source. Or you can just use VLC