Lost link to ssd

Hi, my new laptop (Dell 3593) came with Windows 10. I put in a second drive with Ubuntu and it runs perfectly. The problem is I needed to use Windows for a programme that Wine cannot access. The trouble is the BIOS says the Windows drive does not exist. The Dell site has the latest drivers which I have downloaded but again Wine cannot open them. Dell wont give me any help as Ubuntu was an add on. How can I access the drivers without having Windows?
Help please

You are confusing several issues.

  • Can you boot into Windows?
  • What program do you need to use on Windows?
  • What do you mean “the BIOS can’t see the drive”?

No cannot boot to Windows, only Ubuntu shows, and i need Windows to use an old type negative scanner. When in BIOS only the Ubuntu drive is shown, the built in one is missing.

Can you take a picture of the UEFI/BIOS where there is only one drive shown and post it here?

Thanks for your help Akito, but I have loaded an old version of windows on a bootable external drive.
For the very few times I use windows it’s not worth upsetting my good system. I don’t know enough about computers to delve too deeply.
Thanks anyway.

Don’t give up too soon. :wink:
There are a lot of things to learn for us all.
Maybe you could benefit from our input to the issue.
Maybe the issue gets worse, then you have to deal with it anyway…

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Sometimes, a work around is the best solution. :grinning: