Manjaro XFCE update time on an Latitude


WTH!? Look at the time remaining!


are you downloading over wifi or hardwired?


wifi. About 520 updates. The Lat is an icore5/8gb/500gb. But it’s not an ssd.


I’m going to let it roll but maybe start doing terminal updates vs the package manager?


definitely worth a shot. unless you just have an extra 970 minutes to spare all the time :slight_smile:


Makes sense, it is down the wifi aerial in the laptop.

I’m lucky to get 70 to 90mbs next the wifi router, with my 5430, whereas the newer 5470 has a double aerial and rated at 866mbs and generally runs 10 to 15 Celsius cooler than the 5430.

Back in 2013ish when I first attempted a Debian net-install, that estimated 20hrs 53mins to download the desktop on an old Lenovo. :cry:


I just let it run all night and it was finished by morning. Never had that happen though. Where you on Google +? I think I remember your name from there. I have an account there but never really got into it. Plus, the site is supposed to shut down.


that is just about exactly as much as i ever used it. i am assuming it is the same account that i still use to browse youtube so i think technically it still exists. i just never used the “social media” part of google+


Isn’t G+ about to be shut down?


Yes. I always thought it sucked but there’s some die hards on there.


I was thinking you were the one who designed the Tux win 10!wallpaper. I use it on windows machines. Lmao.


these days i’m lucky if i can get stick figures to have enough appendages :smiley: you must be thinking of someone else


Already try change the repositories ? If no, then can begin by he.
Sometimes the download rate is ridiculous, such 2 or 3 Kb/s, even
1 Kb/s … You should consider also a wired connection ( well more faster :slight_smile: )