Marriage debate :)

I need advice…
My wife still loves her iPhone
I’ve made the switch to a degoogled android with Graphene OS
We spent a heap of cash on Apple CarPlay when I was an Apple fanboy, it will also accept the Google alternative, Whatever it’s called. But I don’t want Google tracking apps, and without it it seems my phone will not connect to the unit.
Has anyone come across this issue and found a FOSS alternative?
Thanks all, my first post…nice to meet you all from down here in Tasmania.

Welcome to the site Gray.

I know next to nothing about Graphene OS. Is there blue tooth compatibility built in or an app?

Hi thanks for the reply. Graphene is just one of the many OS’s for mobile devices for those who don’t want google spying. Otherwise the phone is standard android. Yes it connected with Bluetooth devices. The auto shop said the CarPlay head unit needs Google apps to connect. I’m looking for a FOSS alternative.

Who in the shop said this? A technically trained person, or just a sales guy? (Never believe sales guys statements… :slight_smile: )
Did you try to connect despite the statement?
What apps does it really need (if it really needs any)?
If there’s a special app for android, I would try to get via for example, and try to install it. And try, if it works?

No it wasn’t the sales guy, but the tech guy who installs and sets up head units.