Memo for Indie devs

Memo for Indie devs

Guys, if you want to romp in the Windows playground, you should learn the etiquette of the environment. You wrote an installer of your own? Bully for you.

Suppose you have a working VN ‘workshop’ and learn that ren’py 7.1.3. is the newest release. You clean 6.99 out of your project folder, having downloaded the new version. And install it. Congratulations, you now have another indie orphan.

What? Yeah, if you decide “Get this trash outta my face” and by force of habit go to the Windows ‘Uninstall a program’ it won’t be on the list. Of course.

But in this case, I’m working on my VN so I run the new version and first, it wants a Projects Directory. Easy, I’ ll just use what’s been working fine and … SpLaT program locks up with error message. Only … the file manager selection is pasted over and Task Manager to the rescue. Kill dwin. Gone. And the other thing, just an inert double image.

You do this twice, third time lucky. Now you can see your old projects and even launch one. And click on a rpy file but you get offered your choice of a selection of strange text editors you may never have heard of if you’re a noob. But you’re not but there seems no option of saying ‘just look at existing Editra’, eh? Eh??? (A lot of colorful words have been redacted by this time.)

So bow to lost time and forego GIYF searches and just click the one you already have anyway. It’s only 25 MB.

And then there’s mysterious decompiling scripts that you really need if you’re serious about learning VN creation from those who came before.

Also, since ren’py was created by python, if you want leading edge effects, you’ll need that. Such an easy language to work with. (TM elitists whose explanations would mystify a cohort of geniuses.)

Tell me if makes sense to everyone else and I’ve lost it.

And finally, this gem from

link on a page: FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions:

Most common questions are answered in the project documentation please see for a listing of how to’s and other tips and tricks
about how to use Editra.

It is to laugh.