Microsoft is Rebuilding Edge Browser using Chromium for Windows & macOS any thoughts?


That’s what Microsoft worries about most, since ever


Not surprised - Internet Explorer itself was a fork/port of NCSA Mosaic :smiley:


Alas some (very few) websites run better with Explorer so I keep both just in case. I run on Firefox 99.9% of the time though. Agree that Firefox being the less intrusive browser I found, makes me feel better.


Proud to be an an anti-vaccer and flat ---- earther but that’s not what we’re here on this forum for.

What’s the best browser seems to go back and forth which ‘hopefully’ is a good thing for us.
It is annoying if you are forced at work to use microsoft only products, but if there’s no group policy preventing you installing firefox then … and you’ll always have microsoft to fall back on if you have to.

So microsoft have essentially given up the fight and are now becoming another Vivaldi/Opera by switching to open-source google chrome (chromium) they say due to compatibility reasons. Or are we really seeing merger of two giant evils ?
Either way it’s further expansion of Microsoft’s reach/encroachment into our sandbox and I don’t like it.
Microsoft have github, investment in linux and now this go away microsoft.


I’m still waiting for the law that puts parents to prison for not vaccinating their children. It’s the only just thing to do.