Might I need new hardware? [ Not Solved ]


Thanks much for reply. I usually enable the latest NVIDIA driver as soon as possible after
the Ubuntu install. If I could get Ubuntu 18 to finish it’s boot, maybe I could get NVIDIA driver
in place. Sounds like no need replace board right now. Thanks for that info.


I have downloaded the Mint ISO. but I have not installed yet.
I also just ordered the 8GB ram upgrade that you have suggested.
Not sure how to do the SSD yet. Sounds like I need to clone my HDD
onto my SSD.
Does that sound right?


If you have Window 10 currently installed to this machine, its license is now embedded into the mobo.

Allowing you to do a fresh install of Windoze, just skip the license entry and continue with install. Go to activation page to check, afterwards.

If in doubt use https://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/ to get product license code.

After you have done windies set up, reboot and insert LiveCD, once in, use the gparted tool to resize the partition size you require for LM19. Then install alongside, if this is your usual method.


Okay. But how do I install Windows onto an empty SSD with out an installation media of some kind?
I don’t have a clue. LOL


I will assume you still have a working Windies 10 on your machine.

  • Go to: https://www.microsoft.com/software-download/windows10 whilst in windies
  • Select Window 10 Home or Pro (Check your About Page first)
  • You’ll need a USB stick of at least 8GB in size
  • Chose for another machine (so you can reinstall later if you decide to buy SSD)
  • Insert USB prior to download and installation to stick
  • Takes about 45mins to install to USB

When your SSD arrives, you will need insert and mount disk to the onboard disk holder, (and may need a 2.5" insert caddy) similar to Dell: https://tinyurl.com/y3dlp7sw but unsure, not owned a HP machine.

Then insert LiveCD and use gparted to format disk to NTFS, the native windies file system, because windies will demand to take up the entire disk for the install.

Or use this device to clone: https://tinyurl.com/yyp3x7wt


Edit 17.02hrs format NTFS comment.


@Jimany it is not possible to install any Windows without the media. If you had even an old copy valued, that is with the Key, then you could do this https://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-you-can-still-get-a-free-windows-10-upgrade/,. That is if you want W10, if not then ignore that and install what you have in truth you only need a rescue disk to this. It is a long process.
Once it is installed and you want to install Mint along side it. This is a quote from the Official Mint Installation Guide : If another operating system is present on the computer, the installer shows you an option to install Linux Mint alongside it. If you choose this option, the installer automatically resizes your existing operating system, makes room and installs Linux Mint beside it. A boot menu is set up to choose between the two operating systems each time you start your computer. It is very easy to do and I have just done it - If you still have Windows 10 cut out the first bit and when Mint Installs let it do the work for you. You don’t need anything else, Mint will guide you through it -


A cloning machine! That’s amazing! I’ve learned more new stuff from you all at this site
in a few days, than in the past 10 years. The links in your replies are really helpful


Yes thanks for info. That’s how installing Ubuntu worked too
Much easier for me I think.


Okay thanks. I still have the USB stick that I used to install Windows 10 originally.
Is that what you mean by “LiveCD”?


Windows don’t do Live installs as far as I know @Jimany, you have to install, it and then install Linux along side it - just don’t connect to the internet during the install or you’ll get a load of downloads, unless you are keeping it that is


The Windows 10 USB stick (you have) is NOT a LiveCD that you would use in the way that you would install Linux. If this was a purchased USB stick from windoze, it is write protected and you can not reformat or have windoze burn a new image to it.

Nor will it format the disk before hand, plus won’t install, because it needs a pre-formatted disk. Based on my previous experiences with windoze.

It is why I included the link to download the Windows 10 iso and burn it to your USB stick (that must be at least 8Gb in size). As you need the latest version (18.09 or October release), as Windows is a 6 monthly rolling distro these days.

Hopefully this helps you with all necessary tips.



Do you have any opinion as to the cloning software out there.
There seems to be a free one called “EaseUS”. I like the cloning device idea
but probably would only use it one time.


Yes I see your point. Very insightful information. The cloning idea is sounding better at this point.
Have U considered the cloning software like EaseUS? I just looked a 250GB SSD from Crucial.com.
The cloning software comes with the device. $49.00 and free shipping. What do you think?


I just got a Patriot 240GB SSD for $29 from Newegg. Doesn’t come with software but you can download Clonezilla onto a CD.

I now run MX Linux on my 9 year old eMachines. I used to run Mint or Ubuntu MATE but kernel updates kept breaking it… Nvidia graphics to blame.


that sounds like an excellent deal :slight_smile:


Whoops, actually it was $30 but shipping was free. And still available.


Hi Mack. So far have installed the 8GB of DIMM. Then found out that only 3.4GB was recognized.
Seems I have 32 bit Windows installed instead of 64 bit. Now need to convert to 64 bit. Hope I can do that without buying new license. Just want to ask you if you could clarify what you mean by “LiveCD”.
Does LiveCD refer to the 8GB USB that I have just made?


Windows 10 is embedded to the mobo, I would reckon as long as you keep to the same version i.e Home or Pro, 32 or 64 bit should not be an issue, and won’t require a new license.

Can you clarify by what you actually mean:

  • Made a Windows 10 install medium to the USB stick
  • Burnt an Linux iso to the USB stick
  • A Linux iso burnt to a USB stick is considered a “LiveCD”



I just made a new USB install medium for Windows 10 64 bit. I plan to reinstall Windows 10 Home 64 bit
to make sure that my 8GB Ram is recognized. Is that what you are referring to as “LiveCD”?


This will solve a lot of your issues, if not all.

Are you intending to install Windoze and a Linux OS to the same disk, or plan to use twin disk set up.?