MINT MATE 32 bit or MINT MATE 64 bit?



You already know my laptop specifications:
ACER Aspire E1-522 64 bit with CPU AMD E1-2500 APU with Radeon ™ HD Graphics
Memory: 4GB ( shared 1GB with GPU)
SSD: 240 GB

When I tested both distros, I got the feeling that the 32 bit version feels faster than the 64 bit version, despite the laptop being designed for 64 bit.
So, I ask to the community:

  • In your opinion, what are the the Pros and Cons of using a 32 bit version on this laptop?


Well, it is a fact that 32 bit supports up to 3.5GB RAM realistically so it should be always better to use a 64 bit system when using more than 3GB RAM.


I agree with @Akito, in that the 64 bit would always be better. To be honest I can’t see a logical reason why not to do so, taken further into account that you have an SSD as well. Why limit the performance? That is the question I would ask.


@Akito and @ElectricDandySlider
thanks for the replies
but for the OS I only have 3GB, 1GB is already allocated to GPU in BIOS.
That’s the reason of my question:
With only 3GB for the OS and the hardware was designed for 64 bit, could I lost performance using a 32 bit version instead a 64 bit version?

If you check the tests I did with browsers, all of them needs more space in 64 bit, so, because I’m confused, I decided to ask to my masters what do do :wink:


That is related to the applications. Typically, a 64-bit application will take up a bit more RAM than its 32-bit counterpart. Given the right hardware, the 64-bit version should be more performant when counting in all factors.


If you look here; this will give you, your answer as it comes from Mint themselves and they should know if anyone does. In the end it is your choice.


Thanks for your replies
I will install Linux MINT MATE 64 bit


I think that if the machine is able to do 64 bit you should go with that because eventually 32 bit is going to be discarded. Even though 32 bit is a bit faster on some hardware.
enjoy Mint Mate, it’s a good choice.


Agreed, Mint MATE has been my choice since it came out, and BTW, I have been using Mint for over 10 years. However, I still “distro-hop”, as am interested in checking out new OS’s.


Linux MINT MATE 64 bit is just installed :smile:


Your lappy luv’s ya…!