Mozilla/FireFox end of Road?

I have been lately doing some web development and I observed that Firefox currently seems to be a bit ahead of Chrome and Opera in terms of rendering quality and JavaScript performance, at least on Linux.

Today I wanted to try the same on Windows 10 (I almost forgot what a pain in the arse are Windows updates - haven’t used Windows for over 10 months) because I thought it might be an issue of the Linux versions but this is not the case. Firefox is also performing better on the other platform. MS Edge still was surprisingly good with the JavaScript but the rendering is rather disappointing.

In a nutshell: more people should use Firefox.


I have always used Firefox until about a year ago and tried the Brave browser. I really enjoy its features and speed. All of my computers now use Brave. You might try it.

@Twin I’ll certainly give it a try.

Brave is a very good browser, if you want to surf without a lot of ad popups. I have had a few issues
with Brave in not being able to play some video formats, mostly when I am on Facebook.

Firefox is a very good browser. And I hate the fact that Google is being childish and “actively” making the experience of Google-services in Firefox worse for their users. That’s what eventually made me switch to Chrome.

So you hate what they are doing and then you let them win by letting them reach their goal.


I absolutely love Firefox nothing wrong with it. I hate Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Vivaldi as they are all the same. Brave and Vivaldi are based off of Chrome. All of what I mention above apart from Firefox have the pain of remembering where you have been on the Internet. Firefox you can switch that off altogether. Plus with Firefox you can switch Google off altogether as a search engine.

With Chrome no matter what search engine you try to use, you end up reporting back to Google. The only Google things I have are my Email address and a stupid Android Mobile phone, which I hardly touch. With Firefox I always have it setup to remember as I use Duck Duck Go as my search engine.
Plus the added bonus of knowing some HTML so made my own homepage and saved it in /usr/lib/firefox/homepage/homepage.html Firefox opens just as quick as Chrome does.

I love the fact that for all of my Linux computers I can keep up with everything with Firefox, remembering everything and not worrying about Google selling advertising or security issues.
I love the add-ons that Firefox has too, from HTTPS Everywhere to Ad-blockers for YouTube and when watching Channel 4 with Adblocker Ultimate add-on. It does not work for channel 5 though.

So for me I’m happy with Firefox and will carry on using Firefox. As for Microsoft’s Edge that’s come to Linux one question Why?


I didn’t know about the deal with Google.
Is that why there are so many ‘security updates’ for Firefox? (all the security is being removed so Google can ‘spy’ on you)
I have DuckDuckGo browser on my phone although I don’t use phone very often (can barely read small print on a 17" laptop, stretching text on a phone is an exercise in futility)