Need help with getting Tor Browser to work


I have installed Tor Browser (Firefox version) on my Mint 19.1 - Cinnamon, my problem is I cannot get it to work. I have compared the setup to my Windows version (that works fine) and it is set up the same way.

My problem is that I get the following error:
“Unable to find the proxy server…it config to use a proxy server that can’t be found”

My regular Firefox version works fine. Has anyone used the Tor Browser and had the same problem or know what I need to do?

Thanks ahead for any solutions or suggestions.



Have you been to here? this is the best answer I could find.

An alternative one was from here,

The first of these is from Tor so probably the best. I couldn’t see much on other places as they were for previous versions of Mint not 19.1



Tor install guide

Tor manual

Latest install guide updated Oct 2018

Unless a member has first hand experience to guide you, it back to the drawing board and check your settings etc.



How did you go about installing the Tor Browser? I have the same version of Mint, with the same desktop, and installed the Tor Browser following the instructions on the Tor website (rather than installing from the software manager). The only issue I had was that the launcher didn’t find its way into the menu - I suspect that this is because the installation is into my home directory rather than the standard location - but I’ve just created a shortcut to the launcher (start-tor-browser) on the desktop.


Ubuntu 15/16/17/18 :
I’ve never “installed” Tor… but I do use it - as a “portable app”…

I just download the tarball - and untar it in ~/sbin/

then CD to tor-browser_en-US… and run it “./start-tor-browser.desktop”…

Sometimes when I can be bothered - I’ll copy the start-tor-browser.desktop file to /usr/share/applications/. When I do get around to doing that, I can then run it from the dash or super-key - and once it’s running I can “keep in dock” to keep the “shortcut” on my plank dock…