New antivirus scanner for GNU/Linux

Research tells me this is a recently released (NEW) tool for Linux. General consensus is that Kaspersky is trying to create an “event” to make some hubbub for the KVRT-Linux release, which is a new tool. They are trying to say the forest is on fire, just about the time they release a new fire extinguisher.


I think you’re right. They’re probably trying to drum up new business. If they find a market on GNU/Linux, they’ll add ‘features’, and sell subscriptions . . .


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I would not be so sure about that.
They were the first (AFAIK) reporting about malware related to UEFI vulnerability.

Few years later we can read about multiple UEFI vulnerabilities including logofail.

Kaspersky must have very effective drums


Totally agree.

But I don’t think it’s any worse than Sophos or Bitdefender.
Not any better either…

(Over here we used to say: “one is 19, the other is just one less than 20”)


Six in one hand. Half a dozen in the other.