Newbie on Linux ,have some questions

Hello,have a nice month with a good health!I made the decision at last to try linux,i love this idea and enviroment…so i am totaly newbie and know less than i imagined…there are some questions i have to ask 1)how big will be the space that the linux will finaly run 2)i have an ssd 256gb that run windows 10 and 1 tb hdd drive that i got music,videos and minor backup 3) can i use some space in this hdd drive and keep the other files that i have been restored threre? 4)i see you mention some versions for window 10 ,what requirements you need for the latest one? 5)i recall that there is a mirror softwere or something like that,that you run in a window the linux version while you are log in with windows ,is this still compatible or easier in window 10 to use?..only those for now…thank you in advance !!

Hello and welcome to a new world of freedom!

Assuming a “normal” Distribution, e.g. Linux Mint, you will be good with 30-40GB (add some space for programs that you might install later on)

It is possible, that you set up your new operation system aside the win10 installation on the SSD.
The other hdd is good as it is, you can access it from both os’es.
And here we have the first choice you have to make:
You can have a “side-by-side” installation, referred to as “dual-boot”, this means you keep win10 and you can choose on every system start what os is started.
Or you can completely switch to GNU/Linux, meaning you erase win10 entirely.
Depends on you and your plans.

I don’t know, what this means.
I assume with 4) you mean GNU/Linux distros that mimic the look and feel of win10?
And with 5) it could be virtualisation software as “VirtualBox”. In that case you keep your GNU/Linux or win10 installation in a virtual environment.

I hope this helps for now.

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about 4* i copied and paste this paragraph from a site that i have done the same question and someone talked about versions of ubuntu, 8,4 8.9 etch…thats nothing to bather you…ty very much for the imidiate response…so about the virtualbox i thought that…9(i put an example)…i am running windows and do my job,and i want to open a windowed virtualbox that i can get use to it and search with windows that i know how to search etch ,todo my work…like i play a game on steam and put it in windowed mode so i can change without press alt+tab

Welcome to the site @Eldenor13. Being a newbie is no problem. Once we all were new at this. My first and strongest suggestion is have backup and a restore procedure. Let’s say you lost Win 10 on the SSD, ie: the PC will not boot. What are you going to do? Do you have a backup to restore? Are you comfortable with the restore process? And your 1 TB drive, do you have backup for it too?
@Fast.Edi is right. You don’t much room for Linux MInt. For your 1st install, you might want to go with 50 GB, if you can spare it. Also Linux is easy and fast to install / re-install.

I’ve just completed my “clean reinstall” of Win10 Pro, and Linux Mint19.3-MATE. Here are the consumed amounts PRIOR to adding anything else:
Win10 Pro:15.2GB Linux Mint19.3MATE:12GB (for iso)+I allotted 70GB to/Home partition, and 8GB to SWAP

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