Newbie Question :keeping Debian Bulleseye secure

Hi folks ,
having tried Debian based distros ,I think it’s time to put Debian Bullseye Mate on my old Dell PC and would like to ask if ,other than “marking all upgrades” in synaptic regularly , there is anything else that needs to be done to keep the system secure? I don’t intend to install anything except through synaptic .

Depends on your definition of “secure” and how high your demands are based on this definition.

Thanks for your reply Akito. I would want too feel that the system was no less secure than MX Linux or the Ubuntu derivatives as a benchmark. If that adds any clarification.

Then, I think, you are good to go. Probably no special configuration needed.
Do you have something specific in mind, you want your OS to be secure from?

Thanks Akito. Nothing special in mind , just that Ive been used to a little icon of some sort in the panel telling me that updates (security and other) need installing.

Ah yes, the little consumer friendly bits and pieces of Ubuntu.

On my desktop and laptop I didn’t do anything special.
On my servers I installed and configured fail2ban.

Good to know , thanks kovacslt.