Newcomer to Ubuntu/Linux, knows nothing!

I have tried askubuntu but have problems posting questions because of their requirement for tags! I choose one, nothing!
I hope you can help:
If I manage to make Ubuntu USB follwing their tutorials, once I boot the system from the USB I will be in a totally new environment!
How do I exit that?
What are basic commands I can/should use once I start?

Is there a way to post following questions if answered?
How do I thank those who help?

I think you are far more apprehensive than you need to be. If you boot to a live USB stick, most of what you would want to do will be there as icons. When you had enough, just choose “Power Off.”

The only caution I would suggest is to NOT choose to install it. Just try it out, open programs, and play around.

Hi @luft

First, have you tried

Second, if you are lost, just turn your computer off and reboot from the USB.

Third, what is your present preferred environment ?

All questions are answered here.

Lets see if this helps.

Thank you very much, Cliff!

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Thank you very much, Roger!
I don’t have a preference, but have been using the odious Microsoft’s Windows for years.
I know Gates is part of the new control, so using his garbage will be even more dangerous.
I just browsed the sites you recommended.
I keep your message for when I am ready to use the links.
Thanks again!

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