Nollick Ghennal as Blein Vie Noa -Bannaghtyn y Nollick


To all the community on here from our family to your family and loved ones : Nollick Ghennal as Blein Vie Noa or in English Happy Xmas and Happy New Year and for those who don’t share Xmas ; Bannaghtyn y Nollick in English Seasons Greetings


Just looking through the various questions and was pleasantly surprised to see your greeting in Manx, wasn’t sure if there were any other Manx followers.


Gura mie ayd Chris - I know a few words - Ta mee cummal ayns Balley Cashthal . :isle_of_man::isle_of_man:
We get everywhere don’t we. I’m Not a native speaker of Gaelg know a few words -Hope you enjoy our nice community here


Glad some one recognised your seasonal greeting :rofl:

Google thought Mayayalam.

Have a good un guys :sunglasses:


i noticed that as well :slight_smile: i was unaware that Manx even existed. today i learned :smiley:


Yes and thriving we even have it in our schools and on our road signs