Not as Geeky as I thought

Always thought of myself as being a bit of a geek. I believe I am logical, technical, and I have been around computers both main frame and PC’s for over 45 years. But I love GUI.
It is so much faster, less error prone, and lots easier to remember.

My prime example: rsync command. I wanted to mirror one file to the other. (copy new & changed files and delete files no longer in file1.) After a lot of trial & errors and with a great deal of help from this board, I got the two files to update the way I wanted them to with “rsync -rahPq --delete /home/easyt50/Story/new/ old”

Now instead of that long command with the ‘/’, ‘-’, and all those options (rahPq), I go to /home and execute a program call ‘FreeFileSync’ that has a wonderful GUI with ever option that I need.


Thanks for the heads up, FreeFileSync looks great, just what I need.


When I first started learning about Linux, I once joked, “If your idea of enjoying a slice of toast is to start out by grinding wheat, you’ll love Linux.”

Now, with so many programs available as GUI, it is like trusting experienced people to grind your wheat, maybe package the yeast, etc. It is an act of trust, but why not?


Linux would have died in the crib if using the command line was still a requirement. I started with FORTRAN about the time the Ford Falcon was introduced, so every GUI development has been a step forward.

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