NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Linux Performance $399

HI all FOSSers - No doubt you will have read the useless, irrelevant and uninformed content by some members and even staff @Akito banging on about how crap NVIDIA graphics are and how fantastic some obscure irrelevant Wayland whatever is superior with AMDGPU+RadeonSI, whatever - init…!

I do not connect at all with this silly jive as when you run Trisquel gnulinux you don’t have any problems with NVIDIA on four disparate computers. Indeed I set a world record on such. These people who post this rubbish content have not a clue as to why the performance is so stunning - even to this day.

I have tried many times to kindly educate them and have given them so many examples professionally referenced yet still @Akito comes out with this silly drivel even today. Please FOSSers could someone tell @Akito and the Fanboys to give it a rest; it is so embarrassing.

From Akito: - Yup, I hate NVIDIA! DAMN! SHIT! WAIT! Why did I buy a NVIDIA card for about 1200 USD 2 months ago…?!!
I HATE NVIDIA, WHY DID I BUY IT?!?!?!?! - punching myself :facepunch:

Embarrassing or what… :flushed: Hey I would punch myself too if had paid out that much - no search skills either by the look of it. Oh Dear :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :kissing_heart: :wink:

So let us turn away from this abysmal disinformation content and read some highly professional forensic grade benchmark testing by those forensic guys over at Phoronix


Quote: “On a performance-per-dollar basis, the RTX 3060 Ti was the easy winner over other AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. Shadow of the Tomb Raider at the highest quality 1440p settings continued running very well on the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti.

Now just who do you want to trust - these Phoronix pros or the spreaders of disinformation - I leave it with you to decide as I do not have any NVIDIA problems and don’t play such games but at $399 its a steal - especially as Akito shelled out $1200 :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy: :joy: :joy: :kissing_heart: :wink:

Hope that this post has helped some FOSSers :slightly_smiling_face:

If I ever spend 400 bucks on a video card, somebody please shoot me.

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This should save you from the waiting queue :cowboy_hat_face: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: :wink:

Enjoy :grin: :kissing_heart: :wink:

Enjoy… :grin: :joy: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart: :wink:

I see you have a lot of time :laughing:


@kovacslt should we be offended for not getting a honourable mention?

On a more serious account: As this slurring of members and the habit of producing dozens of virtually identical posts (spamming) continues, I am reconsidering my vote to not permanently ban certain people


If we are being honest, that is all that is. Spam, disinformation, propaganda, pulling quotes out of context, attacking people for their beliefs or opinions and the list goes on and on and on. This little 70+ year old teenager won’t learn it or in the best case perhaps he will eventually get it when he gets into his mental 20s when reaching biological 90+ years… ?! :laughing:


@Mina, we are there too, just silent.
I’m sure, I’m swimming underwater so I can’t speak or say anything, or may be just goo-goo-joob.
(Still I’m not the walrus :smiley: )
I think you are just hidden above the clouds in the sky, like Lucy, just without the diamonds, I guess.

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I think that was not too elegant, and basically I feel similar about this one, like when @johnblood was mentioned in a negative way because being catholic.

Hey @kovacslt I respect your opinion but there you go yet again mentioning your religion and backing others of the same faith. Whilst this is expected and hence understandable it is without question religion has and still is utilised by those in power to keep the masses ignorant so as to be easily manipulated.
For this very reason moderators should not be promoting their blinkered views and promoting their books for commercial gain. This IMHO is a very bad error of judgement and the reason that on most forums religion is banned - end of.
Do you think I should be banned for MY views…?

To be honest, I am still holding back and being extremely nice, considering who I am talking about. The extreme propaganda by this disinformation spreader (as he should call himself, instead of us…) is becoming utterly unbearable. Not to mention the huge amount of annoyance. I am sure about 80% of Regulars here already muted him and then he is wondering why people do not reply to him and do not answer. :laughing:

He even once accused us of “intercepting” private messages! :laughing:

How far do you have to be apart from reality, to even get into such thoughts, I don’t get it and I do not want to get how to be so full of crap…

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Could not understand why 4 views of PM to Abhi as I would only expect one… :thinking:

Could you inform our members what you said about trying to run Linux on the RTX series - or will I be banned for doing so… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Software is not perfect. It was probably counted for each visit by the same viewer or maybe your own views counted towards the total views. Who knows.

My point is, there is no way of intercepting private messages and assuming such a backdoor even exists is in a way hilarious.

Discourse is open source software, which means such developers tend to make community software very kind, i.e. they wouldn’t just silently build a backdoor into it for “intercepting” messages.

The truth is, and I know you do not want to hear that, nobody cares for what you are spamming anymore. The only people still talking to you are not Regulars or just barely read the content on this forum.

Everyone who read the first 3 posts from you got the message and stopped reading.

You just spam the same crap over and over and over and over and it’s disinformation! Which is the thing you pretend you want to fight.

For example, you post articles that supposedly explain how great NVIDIA graphics cards work on Linux. BUT if you actually would’ve read the article, then you would’ve noticed, that they actually confessed IN THE SAME ARTICLE that NVIDIA graphics card support is still work in progress and that there are still major issues left. This is part of the same article you literally took as an argument (from authority btw… :wink: ) to show how great NVIDIA works on Linux, even though the same article disputes that.
So get your facts and sources straight.

Second of all, you are not only slurring and attacking members of this forum, you also take, for example, my expressions out of context. Yes, I bought an expensive NVIDIA card. But the only reason I did so is because I am using it on Windows 10, not on Linux. So quoting me like I am fighting against NVIDIA on Linux while implicating I am using it on Linux, which would render my actions illogical, is just utterly wrong and unjustified.

Things like these show that you are out on a rage to annoy the crap out of everyone for no actual reason.

I honestly think you just have too much time in your trailer and do not know what else to do with your 15 year old laptop. You have too much time and don’t know how to spend it.


If you are banned (likely), it’s not because of your views but because of your bad manners.

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I think that is a fair point, but there is a difference between those who are moderators on this forum and others who literally work for It’sFOSS.

I do not work for It’sFOSS, I literally do not get a single penny from being on this forum. I just enjoy the occasional discussion with some of the oldies here.
Opposed to that, you are talking about someone who gets paid by It’sFOSS. So their relationship to this forum and It’sFOSS is purely based on business reasons. So to me it just seems natural that the people doing this for money in the first place would also promote their own books, etc.

As for the religion thing, I am opposed to every type of religion. Even religions that do not claim to be a religion, like for example religiously praising only a single Linux distribution… :wink:

However, that does not mean that it would be alright for, e.g. the moderators, to strictly prohibit something like that when some It’sFOSS employees are depending on every penny they get. Even if that penny is made by spreading something that I find very stupid. As long as nobody is literally asking for violence, you cannot just prohibit them making money with belief.

That said, the employee you are talking about basically just randomly happens to be a moderator. However, as you can check yourself, he barely contributes to the forum, anyway. Probably because, as I explained above, they do their It’sFOSS job and do not want or do not have the time to spend talking on this forum and even moderating it.

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[quote=“Akito, post:13, topic:6426”]

Just been into my PM’s …

… and viewed this message and on coming out it did not increase the count as you have just suggested. Rather than being hilarious as you put it - it would suggest that PM is not Private Message at all… :thinking: As you can see now 14 views but only 3 replies.

FsF Free software Foundation NVIDIA official disinformation has at this point in time 425 reads - Hey thanks guys for your interest in the disinformation being spread here. :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink:

Those Phoronix guys conducted all those extreme tests on all those NVIDIA cards using Linux whereas you say “…” - Oooops can’t write here due to your gagging order and threats of a ban… posts hidden and removed. :thinking: :grimacing: :zipper_mouth_face: :wink:

Sounds like the content of your posts are the “Pot calling the Kettle black:roll_eyes:

Can you lift threats and gagging order so that 70 year old pensioner can respond in full - thanks. :pleading_face: Then to use the well practised forum tactic to flag’n’hide the posts of members who have the courage to like my posts is just so tacky :woozy_face: :face_vomiting: :flushed: :wink: Yet more intimidation - for ALL FOSSers to see :astonished:

Hey @1crazypj Pastafarian Dreadlocks Peter - I must tell you - NO RELIGION - how many more times must I say it - Yum Chicken and Leak Pasta Bake - 5* Yum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Pea and Ham Mezzi Rigatoni 5*Yum. :yum:
I only care when you spread deliberate disinformation, make false accusations to actively promote your own OS or Graphics card like AMD then get pissed off and throw your toys out of the pram when some 70 year old git tells the truth even with a gagging order and open threats of a ban.
As if you or any other real engineer would do anything remotely like that :roll_eyes:
Oh -

They did it again :woozy_face: :astonished: :flushed:

Rather than conjecture could you post which article and quote actual words so we can…

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Personally I don’t see a problem with nVidia.
They are a company in the business of making money and want to keep their software ‘private’
If they won’t release source code, not a lot can legally be done about it.
Obviously they have done cost/benefit analysis and it costs more than it’s worth to develop drivers for multiple Linux distributions for the new video cards.
I do wonder if some of the problem is actually with Ubuntu et.al. not being completely honest about open source? (something like Google with Android which is becoming closer and closer to a ‘proprietary’ system?)
Isn’t there some way Google could be in breach of contract by making FOSS closed and incredibly difficult to modify?
I know this looks like it’s going off topic but the principle of nVidia being closed source private company and Google saying they are open source but blocking things is actually similar - the amount of effort and resourced required to ‘fix’ problems isn’t available from basically volunteers who may have far more important projects to complete rather than make a new video card work for some gamer who doesn’t care about the effort.
Basic ‘instant gratification’ syndrome’
Being British and ‘baby boomer’ age, I have a totally different outlook to majority of people under 40. While Daniel M Tripp has a lot of interesting things to say, he is also pretty ambiguous sometimes with his statements.
Normally I’m pretty good at ‘reading between the lines’ but many comments on here are beyond my understanding (I was teaching for almost 12 years and in that time had around 11,500 students so can generally figure out whats really being said)
As a ‘Community’ it’s almost like family, no families ever get along 100% of the time without friction. It just depends who’s going to be adult about things and forget ego

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I then politely asked you…

I have had no reply so our members can draw their own conclusions -
Just read the Phoronix tests on the 2080 again and could not find any reference at all to what you say…

only conformation that contrary to what you say…
On the NVIDIA side was the latest 415.18 driver used for testing - 49% faster than the Radeon RX Vega 64.- Talos Principle also runs with ease at 4K on the NVIDIA RTX graphics cards under Linux.- Thrones of Britannia could run on the RTX 2080 up to high quality settings at 4K with the RTX 2080 while sustaining above a 60 FPS average. - The NVIDIA Pascal and Turing graphics cards are all a great deal more power efficient than the current AMD Polaris and Vega graphics cards.

Does not sound like like what you posted above…
NVIDIA graphics card support is still work in progress and that there are still major issues left.

Could I ask again to which of my articles you refer - thanks :slightly_smiling_face: