Please don't suffer alone

Today I leant of the sad passing to the millions of years of a dear friend. For years they had health problems and additional problems as a result. This person was one of the nicest, kindest people you would ever want to meet and yet at 54 she has passed.

None of us know what is around the corner and health or emotional issues can break the best of us. I have had my fair share of them and speak with experience.

You may think this is a strange place for this subject, but for many with such problems the internet is their only refuge and the place where they have any contact with anyone.

If you have problems then please do not suffer alone - try and reach out to others. Here in the British Isles we have the Samaritans whom you can speak to. I am sure that wherever you live there must be a similar non-judgemental organisation to talk to.

While our community may not be the place to talk about personal issues, just being here can help take your mind of things.

People please take care of yourself and please, please don’t suffer alone or in silence.


agreed that while this might not be a foss issue, it certainly is one that affects most any and every community. thanks for the kind words and reminder :slight_smile: