Please introduce yourself


Hi Jim
Welcome to our community. 7 years a Linux user so you will have plenty of experience to share. So when you feel comfortable doing so then share away with us.


Hello jimthetripodman Welcome Aboard.


William or Bill
United States
NOTHING retired
maybe 10 years
was ubuntu not mint 19
maybe a year
some help
I only use comput to read emails and search the net not very knowledgeable about linux but I try


Welcome to our community. Hope you enjoy what you see here. We’re all learning and sharing so feel free to share if you want to do so.


Hello shedidit and Welcome to the community :slight_smile:



Welcome to to the forum, if you need advice, you are in the right place.



Hello all,
I’ve been following along for a bit now, but had yet to post anything.
I’m Manda, from the US, and working in the electronic publishing industry (QA, testing, workflow). Although I have dabbled with Linux here and there since the early 2000s, I only recently converted in 2017. Kubuntu & KDE-Fedora have been my happy distros, so far.
Thanks for creating this community.


Welcome to the community Manda. Feel free to share your experiences and ask any questions and contribute to threads.


Hello my name is Poly and I live in the U.S.A.
I am retired but now spend my time inventing, researching wide variety of topics from Linux / creating a Linux image to aquaponics to tiny houses to ??? and I am also a homeschooling parent.
I am not a solid user of Linux yet but have been (nicely) bitten by the penguin through playing with Raspian on my children’s Raspberry Pi few years back. Goal for 2019 is to convert my LT to Ubuntu and building an exciting image of fun useful programs. I am looking to introduce / convert my children to Linux as well.
Have been following It’s FOSS for several years, probably since I started playing with the Raspberry Pi.
From the It’s FOSS community I will probably not be responding to much but will be reading much to learn much. I may be asking some questions from time to time, like what does the community feel is the best free “student-focused” CAD/FEA. . . programs for Ubuntu (so many choices to choose from - uggh)?
Thanks and blessings to Abhishek and all in the It’s FOSS community!



Welcome to It’S Foss community, you’ve come to the right place to ask questions about various aspects of Linux, that interest or need to be fleshed out, to improve your understanding.



Welcome to our community. Remember all questions are welcome here as they help the knowledge of our whole community. We are all learning all the time. Reading is a good thing as you might find an answer to something, before you ask it.


I think that you tried to telephone me recently about Loglan. The phone number you left didnt parse :slight_smile: This is Randall Holmes.


Welcome to our community - hope you enjoy your stay with us


Hi everyone. I’m Randall Holmes, a math professor at Boise State University in Boise Idaho and only occasionally a user of Linux. I was a Unix user long ago. I’m actually here because I am trying to track down someone I was in contact with a long time ago who I think is on this list. I already sent them a note, but I thought I owed the rest of you an actual post introducing myself!


Thank you for doing so. It is always nice to know who is on here


Hi everyone. My name is Eric Simard.
I signed up a few weeks ago, took a while before I came back to post.
I am from Saskatchewan Canada and have been freezing for about 6 months now. Spring is slowly coming back, life will be more enjoyable.
I have been a Linux user for many years. I was around when RTFM was the most used word in the community and you compiled X server with “make world”…
I have used many distros, but mainly stick with Ubuntu variance (I can’t stand Gnome)
I have learned to use Linux through the CLI and currently working on building LFS again.
I unfortunately do not work in technology anymore due to some health condition. I try and write articles for and record classes for skillshare and udemy.
I have not been very productive on that front either, but that is expected in my case with the winter in this country.
I hope I will be able to add to this community. Looking forward to help other when I can.


Welcome aboard @Eric_Simard

Look forward to you contributions, there is a “tutorial” category you could add to, the majority of users in this forum, seem to be in the Ubuntu and Linuxmint camps. Would appreciate your experience and knowledge.




Welcome aboard, and finding a long lost friend.



Welcome to the forum


Welcome Eric
looking forward to the contributions that you can make to the growth of our community. Enjoy your stay with us, we are nice and friendly here.