Please introduce yourself

My name is grosskloss and I live in the state of New Mexico,USA
I am retired and I repair computers as a hobby ( for friends and neighbors and also to give to people that can’t afford one)
Started playing with linux with Ubuntu 12.04
Dual boot Windows 8.1 pro and Linux Mint 19.1 ( I am one of the three people who actually like
windows 8.1)
I’ve been reading Abhishek’s ITS FOSS for about 2 years and I think it is the best forum I have been on and the only one I have joined
I am self taught ( DuckDuckGo is my friend) and will be happy to help with regard to repair or replacement of hardware. As I am self taught, please forgive the simple language I will use to explain something. I am ignorant of programing, software in general and IT stuff and my expectations are to learn about these things as it is time to start using Linux only.
I like Linux Mint a lot and am trying MXLINUX 18.3


Hi and welcome to the community. Might be prejudice about this, but I think it is the best as well. Feel free to ask and contribute as much as you want, or just read away on things that are of interest to you. Hope you enjoy your stay with us:grinning:

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Welcome to the forum. And kudos for helping people by repairing their computers.

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Welcome to the Its Foss @grosskloss. Like you, I’m new (less then 6 months) to IT’s Foss and Linux Mint. You picked a good board to join for these guys are great. So don’t be afraid if you have a question, ask away.


Thank you for the welcome, I’ve already learned so much from reading the questions and answers, and I’m sure I will enjoy a long stay.


Bonjour indeed Paul,
Sounds like you have an idylic life - it could be the film Good Life if you had a vinyard. Wife and I love Haute Provence especialy around the Gorges de Verdon, Moustiers St Marie in particular. First discovered on Triumph Silver Jubilee Bonneville heading for Stella Alpina rally.
Installing so many Linux systems surely deserves a medal or some form of gong for relieving the suffering of so many windows users! :medal_military: :trophy:


Hi! My name is Aleksandra and I’m from Poland, currently living on Fuerteventura. I graduated Mathematics but I work as a receptionist. I was always interested in computers and I use Ubuntu since 2010 (or earlier?).
I consider myself as an intermediate level user always keen on learning new things. I hope to find here many answers and tricks to everyday Ubuntu use. Un saludo!


Hi @Alex_Tom and Welcome to It’ Foss. My name is Howard and I live in Maryland, USA. I’m sure you will be able to find some answers here at Foss as well as maybe give some help of your own. I myself am new to Linux (maybe 2 or 3 years) but started working with computers in 1970.


Name Susan
Country of residence England
What do you do? Stay in doors :mask:
Linux users since? 2015
Main distribution you are using Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon
How long have you been following It’s FOSS? Just started 10 May 2020
What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? Comunity and shared Information about Linux


Hi @susan707 and Welcome to the It’s Foss Community. Jolly old England. Love that country.


Nothing is as it should be though at the moment, we will all get through though, God bless you.


Hello everybody.

My name is Elí Centeno, and I live in Costa Rica.

I’m a Linux user since 2011 (albeit I knew about it since 2004 because of a Linux magazine that included a gift CD). Currently, I’m between Ubuntu, Peppermint and RAspbian as my main distributions (although I’d like to use some ones like Debian and Slackware).

Currently I’m a undergrad student in the way of getting a licentiate degree in the computer science career (I’ve been in a long time with some career projects and I’m not sure if during this time or after getting the new degree it’s better to work for an enterprise or to go as a freelancer).

I’ve been following It’s FOSS since 2017 (in It’s FOSS Community since 2018), and what I expect from It’s FOSS Community is to learn, know better about and contribute in several ways to Linux and the Free/Libre and Open Source world.



Name: Glen Cooper

Country of residence: United States

What do you do? I am now disabled as the result of a serious motor vehicle accident in 2016. Formerly IP Engineer at global fintech company specializing in automation of 1000s of Cisco router configs on a global network using PHP & Linux.

Linux users since? I’ve been using some flavor of linux nearly every day since about 1996.

Main distribution you are using: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS

How long have you been following It’s FOSS? I’ve known of it for years. Only recently have become interested in helping in any way I possibly can.

What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? I expect that I will someday get to teach my children about FOSS, and hopefully help others in the community. I’ll also take every opportunity I possibly can to tell everyone to Buy Bitcoin. I only have one tattoo; a bitcoin tattoo that I got in 2012, see when bitcoin was about $10 per BTC.


Hello, it seems, I overlooked this topic when I joined the community about two months or so ago. So, here comes my introduction:

I am Mina, I am German but living in Switzerland now and since 2008. I also lived a couple of years in Argentina and in England.

My background is mathematics but most of my work has been in IT and finance, mostly programming, designing and interacting with clients. My main focus is automation.
Currently, I’m not working, due to some personal issues but I’m hopeful to restart beginning of next year.

My first contact with Unix style OS was in University, SunOS and Solaris, so the step towards Linux was a natural one: I started with Suse when you still bought the CDs in a shop and kept it for my personal use until 2014 when I switched to Kubuntu. Having known several distributions at work, I never felt compelled to switch.

From this community, I hope to learn and to offer my advice if I can.


Welcome to 'It Foss" to both @1GLENCo and @Mina. I hope you find this forum interesting and helpful. I saw where Mina has become very active and I would like to thank her for her input. Glen, I hope we can help you with any questions you might have and with your background, it looks like you have a lot to offer.


Name Pedro Affonso Castelani
Country of residence Brazil
What do you do? Survive
Linux users since? Ubuntu 10.04
Main distribution you are using Ubuntu budgie, Backbox,Ubuntu Mate
How long have you been following It’s FOSS? Don’t know haha
What do you expect from It’s FOSS Community? Everything, i love putting commands on terminal


Mohammed from iraq :slight_smile:
I ditched Windows about three months ago and started using Linux as the platform
Ubuntu KDE:
I am honored to be from the Free and Open Source Software community :heart:


Here we go:

Name: Aaron Renny

Country: India

What do I do: light coding and streaming youtube videos, play some games

Using Linux since: January 16 2020, with Ubuntu 18.04

Main distro: Fedora 33 with Gnome desktop

How long have I been following It’s FOSS: since I started using Linux, because I had sound problems and I found a guide from It’s FOSS

What do I expect from the community here: Well, not really, only thing is friendly moderators and users :grin:


What do you do? Survive

Lol :laughing:

Excuse the personal intrusion…
Are you related to Abraham the author/doctor?