Pls Reboot your Computer to finish updating your System Software

Why in Windows 🪟 and MacOS
I have noticed that I have to reboot them after installing certain updates .But why is it so ??
Windows User :

Reboot !!!
Reboot !!!
Reboot Please !!!

As I switched to Linux I have to rarely reboot my computer after installing updates .
I have experienced that in Windows it takes time to install updates which is again the most annoying thing in Windows .

Because it’s easier and safer to reboot a system, to enable changes. For example, if you run a program, let’s say Left 4 Dead, and you want to play the new version of it, then you need to restart the game. You can’t apply the changes easily, while the game is running.
Same goes for updating basic OS related software. If you update lots of drivers, etc. it’s just easier to reboot the system.
This also shouldn’t be a problem for consumers. It’s a different story with servers.

Since users of Linux have to do a LOT of manual work anyway, it’s easier to let them e.g. restart updated services manually, to apply changes. But, even then, on most Linux machines you need to restart, too! Just Linux doesn’t tell you that…

So, if you are really implying, that macOS and Windows are inventing unnecessary problems, then your assumption is wrong.


Whenever we update the kernel, we have to reboot too.
Except maybe with Suse livepatch? :smiley:

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Here’s where MacOS and Linux leave Windows in the dust :


I can’t believe we’re in the THIRD decade of the 21st Century, and Microsoft STILL have not figured out how to let users keep working while it updates shit in the background… astoundingly inefficient! It might have been acceptable in the 1980’s when Windows was a 8/16 bit tack-on to an 8 bit single tasking operating system - but today?

I only ever manually update my Linux machines, and MacOs too…

Firefox’s new FORCED UPDATE method reminds me of Microsoft’s approach (which how Canonical set it up for Ubuntu users on 20.04 and 21.04) :

  • We just updated FF for you
  • You can’t open any new tabs
  • Do you want to restart?
  • You say “yes” thinking it might be smart enough to re-open all your open tabs

You restart it - and - NONE of the work you were working on (e.g. multiple tabs) is there!

Scheiz! Even ToR browser can do that (we updated ToR do you want to restart, you answer yes, and it restarts with the same tabs on the same pages you were on!).

I blame Canonical for that behaviour in FF - not necessarily Mozilla Org…