Power Statistics in Ubuntu

3 months back i got a battery issue to my PC HP 15 BS145TU on that time i am using Windows 10 operating system so i thought its may be operating system issue then after Ubuntu Focal 20.04 release i switched my host operating system as Ubuntu so i noticed this is not operating system problem its really my battery problem. my battery life reduced when i am using windows 10 my laptop would shutdown at 50% now my battery giving 5 mins. Backup only.so in this Ubuntu i checked battery statistics with Ubuntu software Power Statistics i noticed results as shown in below picture.

in this my battery is designed for 41.6wh but enery showing 2.8wh even at 100% charge

i also checked one of my friends battery details in same Ubuntu 20.04 and same Power Statistics software both models are same and the results is different he also facing battery issue i mean his laptop also giving very less battery backup. those results are shown in below picture.

his battery also designed for 41.6wh but showing Energy 18.2wh at 100%(full charge) what this mean the software really calibrating correctly and giving accurate results? can i trust these results ? someone help me with these issue.