Problems with PlayonLinux

Was at first able to use “PlayonLinux” with version ubuntu mate 18.04. It has stopped working. Did a fresh install with no change. Messages are “Unable to find 32bits openGL libraries” and "cannot find wine (from Wine)

sudo apt install --reinstall playonlinux

i didn’t know there was a --reinstall. trying that momentarily…

Did the command "sudo apt install --reinstall playonlinux" and the problem still exist. 

Sadly, Ubuntu Packges is down right now, so I can’t show you what do to the convenient way.

So here the less convenient way:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt purge playonlinux
sudo apt install apt-rdepends playonlinux
apt-rdepends playonlinux

Now note all the dependencies playonlinux has and apt purge each package, except the vital ones where apt will warn you to not remove them because they are also dependencies for other packages. The most important dependency you will have is wine which is the minimum that you need to purge. Once all this is done, you can go for

sudo apt install playonlinux


Well, great, seems like Ubuntu Packages is up again, so you can see the dependencies there the easy way. Looking at the dependencies now I notice that all the dependencies are pretty essential and probably didn’t cause the error, so start with purging wine and reinstalling playonlinux.

Tried purging “wine” and got message “Virtual packages like ‘wine’ can’t be removed”

The second answer here proposes a solution to that.

Installed Ubuntu mate 18.04 on a new drive and then installed Playonlinux. Same problem. Appears the problem is deeper than just a repair job.

Oh well, that explains why it is so weird. Apparently another bug that is Ubuntu-related.

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