Question for OpenSuse Users: Why?

I’ve used quite a few distros at one time or another. I’ve tried to use OpenSuse a couple of times but ended up switching. I’m planning to take another look at it soon. If you are an OpenSuse user, could you explain why you use it over Ubuntu or Manjaro (or what have you)?

I’m not trying to pick a fight or anything like that. I want to learn from actual users, why they use it. I have found asking this question very helpful in the past.



I love OpenSuSE because when I was a newbie I found opensuse was easy to configure and troubleshoot. As I grew in command line experience, it became easy to configure using the command line. I have said somewhere around here that OpenSuSE is designed to appeal to the newbie, the leave-windows-behind user, the normal user, the experimenter, the admin, the web designer, the app designer, and the expert. All those types of people are taken care of by the OpenSuSE designers/coders.

They currently have two versions of their OS. Leap and Tumbleweed. Leap is a normal, stable version which gets updated every year or two, but Tumbleweed is for the adventurist as it is a rolling version. It constantly gets the latest software which may not be stable.

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Circa 2002 to 2007 - Suse (before it was called OpenSuse) was my main “goto” distro… I used to run it as my home NAS, did some desktop stuff on there - and even ran a forum on it …

But I also found Ubuntu in 2005 (when VMware launched their “player” and I found a “browser appliance” in their virtual appliance downloads, and it was running Ubuntu) and I reallly liked it - installed it on a Toshiba laptop and everything just worked - plug and play, wifi, everything - better than Windows XP! Then I got like a box of Ubuntu 6.04 CD’s shipped to me for free!!!

One thing that still annoys me a bit about OpenSuse/Suse? The login / motd “Have a lot of fun”… just sounds bizarre knowing in the back of my mind, this is coming from some Germans - and it doesn’t sound like a suggestion, it sounds kinda (when I play it verbally in my head) like an order - “ze not havingk of fun ist verboten” and then I think of the blinkenlights… :smiley:

No offence to any Germans, I’ve got German ancestors, both my grossmutters spoke German at home before they started school in Australia…


When we say “Viel Spaß!” we mean business!

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Well it is totally personel, the users like of a S.O.
by many questions.By example, for install an app
the command in Suse can be very more clear than Ubuntu
and derivates …The exit command is clean in screen,and detailed it is other diferencial…
Germans make all good :slight_smile: Cars, computer programs, antivirus all 100 %
and with OpenSuse is not different :sunglasses:


Nice words. Thanks (as representative of this country)… :wink:
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