Reading documentation results more questions

I have been a Linux user for a number of years but still have a very hard time with documentation. Here’s the latest example.

After reading the overview I get stuck immediately at the first instruction in the Installation and Setup. My purpose in reading the instructions is to have read/write access to another linux box on my home network.

Simply install the following package: sshfs, then add yourself to the fuse group:
sudo gpasswd -a $USER fuse

So where does this action take place on the client or remote machine? what the heck is gpasswd? is $USER literally what is added to fuse or is it substituted with the client user’s name? And then which fuse file is acted upon, client or remote?

So I google and google again and get some answers but not all. Since searching I now know what gpassword is, but not yet know how to implement it. I know $USER is me but I don’t know about which fuse file to edit, I am guessing it’s the client fuse file.

Am I going about this all wrong, is there a better way to acquire understandable actionable Linux documentation?

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This is the reason like websites like It’s FOSS exist. To make things clear and easy to understand.

You’ll get some good quality tutorial on the internet surely but if you ask me for one place to get ‘actionable documentation’, I can’t think of one.

There are cookbooks on certain topics that you can buy but one single such book would be difficult to find.


When the official documentation isn’t adequate, do an Internet search on:

using sshfs howto “how to” examples help

You’ll find lots of help.

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I appreciate your reply, what you suggest is exactly what I always do and yes I find the specifics of what I need in this manner, i.e. googling. However, it’s far from ideal when someone wants to really understand rather than following a cookbook recipe.

I am currently looking at web based training sites as a way to acquire the knowledge necessary to competently understand Linux.


If you don’t mind reading. This is a good place to start learning from. If you want web pages then It’s Foss Tutorials are bar far the best and check out the Youtube as well. Those are my recommendations and they helped me.