Remove my ubuntu for now

On my Windows 10 PC I have a 2 TET external hard disk that I partitioned into 2 and used 1 for my dual boot ubuntu. Now I’ve found that I have little disk space left and there are about 5 or 6 directories for the ubutu distribution. I have a complete backup copy of ubuntu on a thumb disk.

I have to get that expansion disk cleaned up. I’ve found two different ways which are:

  • Force deletion of each directory as they will not just be removed by a simple delete. YOUTUBE has a long video on how to do that.
  • Just reformat the expansion disk and give it a new “partition name” which has me baffled at the moment on how that gets done when you are just doing a simple reformat.

Are there any suggestions on which is best method?


You don’t say if the external drive is used to boot, or just for storage. Not sure why you would have 5 Ubuntu drives on it… Many questions on that

If you are simply wanting to remove the different partitions and create 2 spaces, one Windows one Linux then

This goes through how to format or resize drives using the Ubuntu tool

But if it’s used as dual boot and you have several options available in the grub boot area, we would need to know more before advising this.

If you have copies then a fresh start on the drive may be the simple answer

Hello Pat,

We can surely try to help you.

Will it be possible to share the screenshot of your disk state? In Ubuntu, you can find a Disk Usage Analyzer tool for this purpose.

I can’t boot the Ubuntu since I did remove one top directory and I guess it had the boot software. I think I’m just going to reformat the external hard disk and then put Ubuntu on my C: drive where all of the rest Windows of the software is located. Then I just use the expansion disk just for data.