Running direct from the disk

My host is Windows 10 and I’m trying to create a LinuxFX guest. I’m getting the error message " Running directly from the disk please make sure to install the program fully. Can’t save data" what’s happening here please?

Sounds like you are trying to save something in a live session or something alike.

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Hi Wayne @QashqaiKing a warm welcome from all of us at it’s FOSS forum.
As @Akito suggests…
It may be similar to when we are using Tails from a USB drive live in RAM. As you are just running in RAM you cannot save anything there. However with Tails there is the facility to save anything you like in a special partition on the USB drive known as “Persistent Storage” - however to the security minded users this raises issues on security clearly spelled out by the Tails documentation:-

Hope this helps you to understand? :thinking:
Tails+Tor on a USB stick – keep it with you to use it on any computer and no one will ever know you were there - :wink: