S6 init system with s6-66 service manager in Antix-init-diversity spin

I understand there would be more efficient ways (or mistakes in this guide), keen to get your feedback.
I’ll admit this is my first attempt to get a user service working

@nevj just tracing my steps below:
Step 1: You need to update your user $PATH$ in order to be able to 66 user services.
For now lets just update your bashrc file:

nano ~/.bashrc

go to lines 115-116 & replace them with the below contents

echo $PATH | grep -Eq “(^|:)/sbin(:|)” || PATH=$PATH:/sbin:/lib/execline/bin:/usr/lib/execline/bin:/usr/libexec
echo $PATH | grep -Eq “(^|:)/usr/sbin(:|)” || PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin:/lib/execline/bin:/usr/lib/execline/bin:/usr/libexec

Step 2
Create frontend /etc/66/service/spice-vdagentd with contents

@description=“spice-vdagentd daemon”
execl-toc -d /run/spice-vdagentd -m 0755
/usr/sbin/spice-vdagentd ${Args}
Args=-x -d

& start with

sudo 66 start spice-vdagagentd

Step 3
Create your user scandir & start it:

66 scandir create
66 scandir start

Step 4
Create frontend ~/.66/service/spice-vdagent with below contents (substitute @user with your username):

@description=“spice-vdagent daemon”
@user = ( antix )
/usr/bin/spice-vdagent -x

& start as user with

66 start spice-vdagent

Step 5 (optional)
Create tree called spice-tree & add spice-vdagent to it.

66 -t spice-tree start spice-vdagent