SABnzb disconnection ptoblems

I have had problems with SABnzb or some time, in as much as it keeps reverting to 0kb/s, and disconnects the internet. It is not the router. It is SABnzb every time.I have Googled the problem, visited forums etc., but all to no avail. Please could somebody explain, how to fix this annoying problem.

Many thanks

Did you ask on their official forum already?

Yes, but nobody has responded. There must be a way to alleviate this problem. I’ve encountered it on numerous occasions, and tried everything I know, including searching Google, forums etc., but still to no avail. If you know of an answer, then please let me know.

Did you try it on a different computer?
What about the same computer but at someone else’s home?

Up until 6 months ago, I was using a Novatech laptop, which I’ve had for some 6 years Now have a Dell Inspiron, and the same thing happened with SABnzb on both computers. I am not able to use somebody else’s computer unfortunately.

You should try this out, too. Though, it already seems like an issue with your home’s network setup.

The issue is not with my home network, because the router stays connected. It’s just that SABnzb, or Firefox, disconnects. I have no problem with torrents. they do not disconnect, only SABnzb. Perhaps it’s a glitch with Firefox !!!

Still, you should try it.