Screensavers and default save location

I had been using Shutter but was unable to modify the default save location. The program let me put in ‘Desktop’ but it always came up with ‘Pictures’.
After the new ‘Best Tools For Editing Screenshots’ article, I loaded Flameshot. I don’t see an option to change the default save location at all on this program.
Anyone have any ideas? I’m using Linux Mint Cinnamon Tara.

Found this terminal command and it seems to work with Flameshot:
flameshot gui -p ~/myStuff/captures

(I did: flameshot gui -p ~/Desktop)

Please excuse this newbie. I’m unfamiliar with these Community type websites and pretty new with Linux.

You can create configuration file with custom location and import it in Flameshot preference.

Perhaps I’ll cover using Flameshot in separate article.

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