Servers in Space, cut the mustard

I had read NASA were migrating away from M$, as reboots in Space were a tad inconvenient for an Astronaut to breathe, coupled with the loss of gravity.

The machines have lasted longer than planned, with only minor problems, being that some of SSD drives failed, but had inbuilt redundancies to cope with this possible scenario.

They are planning to bring them back to Earth circa June this year.



Shuttleworth took a Ubuntu laptop with him to space :smiley:
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Also - Neal Stephenson’s fantastic “Seveneves” makes mention several times about the high failure rate of electronic components in space… one of the characters stockpiles lots of electronics components…
Stephenson used to use Linux, but then found Unix in OS X and now uses a Mac… Stephenson knows his shit anyway. Great essay / novella : “In the Beginning was the Commandline”…

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Back in the day when I worked on this stuff, the main issue was the vulnerability of silicon to high energy radiation outside of the cosy blanket of Earth’s atmosphere. Smaller electronic components are intrinsically more vulnerable too. So the hardware was, in terms of raw performance, many many years behind the current tech. On the other hand, getting kit into space is very expensive, so failures are really much more of a problem than bad performance.


I was unaware of Neal Stephenson existence, his wiki page, details an impressive literacy CV.

I read that the guy who is lead developer for the Gnome desktop, has a busman holiday each year, by using a mac. To get away from Gnome’s foibles.