Shell programming

I wanted to ask"For shell programming which linux distros (user friendly, for beginners) should I install in a system with Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor 1.6GHz and RAM 1GB.Can I install older version of ubuntu 12.04 LTS or before?

Older versions != less resource consumption.

Instead, you should pick a distribution designed for very old computers, like yours.

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And as @Akito has stated, I wouldn’t use any “outdated” distro, but a lightweight one with a small footprint.
In addition I suggest Bunsenlabs.
With GNU/Linux you can try these suggestions live without danger.

I actually used Crunchbang many years ago. So I suppose this derivative should be great, too.

Welcome @SKK to this forum. I hope you find the info you receive here helpful.
Here are my 3 selection of distro of Linux I would try.
#1 - xubuntu. It is meant for small PC. Min 512 MB of ram, plus you will be on an up-to-date OS.
#2 - Zorin OS 15 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.
#3 - Linux Mint - very user friendly. Also built upon ubuntu 18.04.
All 3 distro can be downloaded for free.


Some distributions supporting low ram and disk space:

Xubuntu 18.04
Linux Lite 4.8
Zorin 15.2 Lite

I personally tested all the above.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.

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