Shutdown error Mint Ulyana


I have a small problem… When I want to close my system down I now need to click twice before it will shut down. This is something new. I have checked all of the logs and I can find no relevant error message. It’s not a problem at all but I would be very interested in suggestions that would help me to crack it.

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I know this behaviour from KDE. In KDE, you can turn that feature off in the settings.

Thank you Akito, do you have a suggestion about trying to find out why this happens or is it something that I must just accept?

I really don’t know what happens there, but for the time being you might try a workaround:

Just right-click on your desktop and add a shortcut to your desktop to poweroff. If you’re like me, and 99% of the time when you click the off button you just want to turn the machine off (No confirmation, no selection between logout/switch user/sleep/hibernate/etc.), this might be for you.

It might work a bit differently for your desktop environment, but it should be somehow similar.

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Hey Mina!
Thank you very much for that great tip, I hadn’t known that all. It’s a bit different on mint and it took me a couple until I had it worked out but it’s perfect now. I just need to see if I can get it on the panel…
I still have no idea about how to find the shutdown error… but perhaps it’s irrelevant…