Sites not opening in Dual Boot

I have dual booted my laptop( core-i5,8gb ram, 2gb nvidia mx130) with ubuntu 18.04 lts and windows 10.
Everything was normal till now. but since few days edge in my windows stopped loading some sites( although it loaded at the same time.
And google was not the only site.
Ubuntu still loaded sites(mozilla)
I downloaded firefox for windows and even it couldnt load sites showd errors such as hmm check url… Secure connection failed etc.
I searched a lot on net but couldnt solve it.
Now even ubuntu has the same error.
Sometimes when i turn on the pc, the sites load for few mins but after that they stop.
I have quick heal total security installed.
I even tried disabling it.

Also first i thought it was a time and date setting everytime i turn on pc it showd wrong time(this was becase ubuntu used utc time and windows rtc, i fixed this by making ubuntu follow rtc) now time is perfect but the sites dont load.


I found out that this is a problem with only my mobile hotspot. When i connect to my friend’s hotspot it works perfectly.
Also the name my my hotspot in my pc shows a “!” above it in a shield icon.
Also my hotspot is not working in my friend’s mobile as well. So this is a problem in my hotspot. how to fix it.

Please help me.

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This problem has little to do with the operating systems and more with the router/modem you use to reach the internet. Or worst case, it could be something with your ISP or DNS settings, but this is comparatively unlikely.
Try to reach the mentioned websites over your phone, when connected to the same router/modem your computer uses.

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I am using my phone’s hotspot for connecting.
My phone loads everything perfectly.
But the laptop doesnt

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Others have considerably more experience than I do, so these suggestions may not be as helpful as those of others.

  1. How many times do you refresh one of the sites that don’t open? I would give it three refreshes before giving up.
  2. Make a note of the IP address and ping them. Then, ping a known good website. How are the timeouts?
  3. Run on a server in a single distant location. Don’t allow the program to choose one. If you are in India, choose a server in, say, Manchester. Then, run the same Speedtest on more than one browser in more than one OS. THis will help you narrow down which of your variables may be involved.
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depending on your wireless provider and your data plan, this could be an issue involving throttling your data speeds. it is pretty clear here in the states at least that even “unlimited data” packages don’t mean you can stream to your heart’s desire day and night.

the article below is an example from last year of one of the larger providers throttling fire fighters actively fighting wildfires:

A very simple solution is to disconnect from the hotspot for about 10 minutes. Then reconnect. This advice comes from my ISP and works every time that I have problems. It seems things can get clogged as they explained it to me in simple terms and by shutting it off for the ten minutes it allows things to flow correctly again.

Failing that and the above suggestions, just contact your ISP provider as others have suggested.

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Sounds reasonable to me. I was about to say that something is probably wrong with your phone and this part of the information given just confirms my expectancy. Unfortunately, it’s likely that your phone hast either an issue with the antenna or hardware in general (do you still have warranty on it?) or, worse, it is just bad and unfixable because the phone is a low quality product. Then it would be unfixable.
If you have the possibility to use a warranty or anything like that, you probably should.

Could you list the exact brand and model of the phone?

No i solved the issue.
I changed the APN to IPv4 and this worked.
Thank you everybody for your help.


can you mark this as your solution if and when you get the chance for anyone else who might have this issue? thanks :slight_smile:

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