Skype for Linux question

This is admittedly a long shot, but a lot better than the user-hostile “Support” page on Skype.

Whenever I click on the paperclip icon to attach a file, the entire program just closes.

Is this a known issue? It did not happen in Windows.

Apparently, it’s a known issue and I quickly tested it, it hasn’t been fixed yet in the Snap version of Skype:

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Problem solved.
Drag and drop from a window works. Just don’t use the paperclip icon.


Didn’t know that. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I use skype in my work. Yes, paper clip does not work.
Drag and drop ‘sometimes’ work. One guy I work with
who his skype on ubuntu is more stable than mine and
it works more of the time but on mine - is 1 in 10 or something.

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