Sneaky Malware Symbiote

This may be of interest to some.
Symbiote malware

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For the average home computer that is behind a firewall and uses ip masquerading, is there any chance of this sort of problem?

Most likely not much to worry about for the home user. Though it’s possible if they connect to an unprotected network. If you use diligent care in what you download and from where you should be safe. But if you do get infected there is little you can do to detect it or remediate the problem other than a full reinstall of the system.
I’m sure there will be more forthcoming at some point.
For the home user they most likely would not go after. They are looking for bigger fish. Unless the home owners system is a way into a bigger network then they may choose to infect the network via that vector.

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Yes we all say that Linux is lucky that it does not need antivirus, which is true to some extent for home users yes, but servers have to be on their guard. There has always been vulnerabilities or hackers attacking the server side of Linux. It’s scary to think that a free operating system or kernel is actually more popular being used for security, like banks or for running other electronic stuff, cars, fridges, fridge freezers, tumble driers, washing machines, going to Mars.