Strange MX encounters

I do it with rsync onto a flash drive, then make it bootable.
See here

Sometimes with Github it will not display pdf’s… you have to hit download
My method will work on distros that do not have an iso maker
It is basically the same as burning a bootable iso to a usb drive

Did not know that, will have to take a looksy. Been using Ubuntu Cubic ISO maker in VirtualBox of late with Xubuntu 22.04.1. uninstalling Snaps, installing Firefox deb file only, setting Skel folder up for my customised look and feel of Xubuntu on the final ISO. As good as Xubuntu is, it still looks and feels dated out of the box. Depends on what the user wants to do? gdebi is not installed out of the box, yet Synaptic is, which to me is odd, though as easy as using sudo dpkg -i name of deb file is not everyone is going to know that and having a deb file opening and installing with Gnome-Software-centre is slow and cumberbatch (Good Actor) I mean cumbersome.