Streaming problems

Not really a new problem, but one that has resurrected itself after installation of Ubuntu 19.10.
I like to stream music from my desktop to my SONOS sound system and also to stream video and pictures to my Panasonic TV. This ceased to be possible with Ubuntu versions 17.04, 17.10, 18.04, 18.10 but with the installation of 19.04 functionality was restored. However, with the 19.10 upgrade things aren’t working anymore. I checked the SAMBA config file and that seems the same as 19.04. I have switched on the new sharing settings in Settings.
I would appreciate any other suggestions!

There is DLNA sharing inbuilt in 19.10. Try Settings > Sharing > Media Sharing

Many thanks for taking the trouble to reply, but I have already tried this. Media sharing is switched on and displaying as active, but the problem I’m having still remains.

It’s a firewall problem. Switch off the firewall and everything works.
This prompts the question, however, if I want to use a firewall and still want to access the home (windows) network and use streaming facilities, what rules should I set in ufw?


Check the logs for forbidden accesses. Make sure you are targeting the correct ones. Then allow these connections through ufw.

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