Suggestion for Linux installation


Any suggestions to install Linux except Ubuntu, mostly use for program and to play video.

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Linux Mint, is the more suitable for any proposites.
Install player VLC and have a fun !! :100:


When you say ‘except Ubuntu’, are you also looking to rule out Ubuntu derivatives (like Mint)? If you’re looking for a distro which isn’t based on Debian/Ubuntu, and is relatively newbie friendly, then I would suggest Mageia (based on the old Mandrake/Mandriva fork).


I agree with 76ron. Mint is easy to install and easy to use. You will not be disappointed.

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Good suggestion as Mint is based on Ubuntu it doesn’t really answer the question here. I have noticed it hasn’t been updated since October 2018, but that is not a bad thing as the website mentions the next version is in beta testing now.


Mint is great, but I’d suggest Manjaro KDE. Fast, stable, light & efficient. It can do as little or as much as you ask of it. Comes with VLC pre-installed, I believe. :slight_smile:

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