System crashed, fsck status 1, working now but what happened?

is the headset plugged directly into the system or a hub? and do you know if it is usb 1.0 or 2.0 or 3.x?

Cliff can’t answer the question as to why it happened, because I use Mint. It did happen to me, loosing sound that is - The solution I found was to add Pulse Audio Volume Control and it hasn’t happened since. Sorry can’t go any further with this.

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The headset is USB 2.0 and plugged into the front panel port. System Info has the microphone classified as a keyboard, of all things.

any further trouble with your system crashing?

It really only happened that badly that one time. But I find that the headset produces errors in all the distros I have. If I never unplug it, or if I take precautions when plugging it back in, I suspect that will be sufficient.

Gotta say, it is strange that the mic is listed as a keyboard!!!

i was thinking you might get more help or ideas if you started a specific topic about your headset/sound going out issues (if that is something you are still concerned about). i could move a few of the posts from here that are more about that than the crash if you are interested.

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I would say your post about the dmesg command was probably the closest to a solution, so I’ll mark it. None of the other posts are really a problem, so I would have no objection to deleting the back-and-forth after those posts.

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i will leave those just in case someone else wanders in at some point and may have something to add :slight_smile: