System Restore on Ubuntu

Is there a way I can restore my Ubuntu? I am struggling to open my drives and I have 1 option left. 1 to have a clean installation, but before that, I need to know if there is a way I can revert any change to last time my system was well working. I am just tired of fixing. is there a way if yes How?

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You could just pop in the cd or thumb drive you used to create the install and then access your drives that way.

i am able to mount them to /mnt/ directory but i need them to mount auto matically like they used to…

So you want to automatically mount your drives.

What version of Ubuntu do you have?
What has happened since you did it before?
Upgrades? Updates?

Do you have Timeshift? It can restore the system back to a check point.


No, i dont let me check how to install it. I will give an update and you tell me what to do

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, I don’t actually know what went wrong cause i was using it.

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As have already been mentioned if you stick in your installation media to where ever you have it you can do a recovery from that.
Also has already been mentioned Timeshift is the tool that can do that for you, it should be available in the software manager, if not it is easy to install. The thing with it is to remember to do one before any updates or changes to your system. It only works if your system works, which in your case it isn’t at the moment so it is something to consider afterwards.

If the recovery mode doesn’t work then unless @abhishek knows differently, I would suggest a clean install would be the only thing left to you.


@ElectricDandySlider, Thank you a lot. Let me wait for @abhishek then I will do a clean installation.