Taking over linux meetup

I’ve been using linux for years and I just volunteered to help with a once a month linux meetup.
I was thinking of showing how to get to linux on the new Windows OS to help include kids/people that may only have access to Windows.
Other than that I’m looking for some starting ideas.
I have a week to prepare.
I’m not sure what level they might be!

Any suggestions?

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You could start off with doing a quick quiz to see what they know about linux - just a few simple questions. That way you’d have a foundation as to the knowledge base that they have

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In the vain of “try before you buy”, may I suggest sharing my compiled list of Mostly Linux OSS Some Of Which Run On Windows. You can download it free from Here. Feel free to share it. All I ask in return is that if someone adds or changes the document, please send the changes/adds to me via email to help (at) pc-tamer dot com.

P.S. There are NO macros in the document. It is safe to open.

If there are any wanna be web designers, it may be helpful to show how to install LAMP on a particular OS - Ubuntu? I use KATE as my PHP Code editor,

How to create and boot to a live Linux USB. If they are somewhat tech-savvy, show a typical fresh install maybe?

This are all great. I will start working on them for this next week and repond to you so you know how it goes. Thank you very much!!!