Thank you Akito

I would like to publicly express my thanks to @Akito for taken the actions he has taken today.
Earlier today someone came on here and was making comments that were made here. Not about myself but on other posts and then on a reply I gave. When I asked this person to tone down his comments they continued to do so. I have not seen them, so I can not say more. I know that others in our community were concerned about them as well.
This person has now been removed and we can all get on with life.


It’s honestly nothing special. It’s an every day thing and this forum is just small enough to not witness that often. In other fora this is part of normal day-to-day occurances.


NO, @Akito, what you did was very special for this community.
Thanks in my name too!


It’s good to know that angry/abusive people are dealt with accordingly on this forum. Thanks to all involved.