The Gaming Scene on Linux - Let's Talk About It!

Here, where I live, you are known as heroes for that.

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The platform for games is Windows, but have some good titles for Linuxers :innocent:

It’s changing very quickly though. :wink:


Since last August, Proton has come an awful long way in making it possible to play Windows games in Linux. I agree we still have a hell of a long way to go, but not just Proton there are still porters out there who have done terrific work in porting AAA games to Linux. I always mention them in my posts, but my hat goes off to the guys and gals at Feral Interactive, for bringing us all the Tomb Raiders from the 2013 release reboot, then Rise Of and now Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, which I used to run with my 1050ti, but have now upgraded to a 1660 and this game out performs Windows version, simply because Feral Interactive re wrote it for us on Linux as they probably did for the Mac version too. In my experience when it comes to gaming I prefer Linux, yes I could go on about the constant spying on a Windows machine, plus all the unnecessary apps running in the background, but I’m not going to. Put simply I can do other things whilst in a middle of a game here in Linux, encode a video at the same time, watch a YouTube video, go online shopping all at the same time without it ever griping or crashing. I especially go on line or get on with something else whilst gaming, when there is a long cut scene that I’ve seen hundreds of times before. I also feel safer in Linux than in a money grabbing legal spyware OS that is Windows in my opinion. I find my games run smoother now with my Ryzen 5 2600 16GB Ram and Nvidia 1660 build, that I built a few months ago. Originally I used 1050ti but found it stuttering so saved my hard earned cash up for a 1660 with 6GB of DDR5 Ram on board and so glad I did. In answer to your question, get yourself a 1660 and you’ll see a huge difference in game play along with the 435 drivers that are available out of the box in every Ubuntu based system. Gaming on Linux has come a heck of a long way and all the hard work the communities have put in, in their spare time to bring Gaming to in my opinion a mind blowing kick forward for us who love to game on our favorite Linux Desktops. A lot of the time in the gaming world is down to what hardware you’re running and also the type of game you’re wanting to play. These days you need a pretty good build one that can handle anything you throw at it, plus a decent amount of CPU Cores to be able to multitask like I do. I’m so glad that Ram and other computer parts have come down to a fitting price, to be able to build a good mid range machine like mine is classed as. It does it’s job and does it well, it will last me for at least ten to twenty years, if I live that long?


Mine too (and I do usually wear a hat) - they do an awesome job - see their splash screen appear on quite a few Linux native games I play…

I’d also tip my hat to Aspyr media, who did a fantastic job of porting Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel to Linux (and Mac too I think).

Tempted as I am occasionally, to dual boot (or set it up in the first place), I’ve never weakened my resolve in 7 years since I completely dropped Windows… I liken it to industrial action, if I weakened and went Windows, I’d be nothing but a picket line crossing scab :smiley:

Wish I could afford a new GPU, still struggling along with a mere 2 GB GTX650ti and AMD Phenom X6 wtih 12 / 16 GB RAM (occasionally scavenge RAM from it to use in my VMware ESX servers)… whatever cash I’ve got spare now I’m putting towards getting my Harley back on the road…


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And, where is it that you are living @Akito ?

Same here. I was testing AoE2 on GhostBSD the other day (I was using Homura.) I wanted to see if it would run and ended up spending the night playing AoE2. I also really like Rise of Nations. Have you played that one?


I played both AoE2 and Rise of Nations. Good old times!

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I like Diablo III, but can only run the 32 bit version on OpenSuSE. So I sometimes boot into Windows to play the 64 bit version, but Windows has LOTS of Blue Screens Of Death.


I am not what you call a classical player and to be honest I find all of the “shooter” games to be a bit boring…and as far as I can see that takes care of a vast amount of the available games. However I am still often inworld in second Life. I use the Linux Firestorm viewer and it works perfectly. The inworld Linux support group is very helpful and all of the viewer features work just as well as the Windows version.

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Wow! Finally, somebody who enjoys that, too!

@Mina, @Ute
please tell me : What is inworld ?

It’s actually a superfluous term. SL is not a “game” in the traditional way, it’s a virtual parallel universe with its own physics and social norms. “Inworld” refers to everything happening there.

When you say, “I like to play inworld”, you mean: “I like to engage in games or game-like activities inside the parallel universe”. Often, but not always, this can involve naughty stuff.

All clear?

@Ute, correct me if I said something wrong.

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is the thing.
I understand better now.
Thank you.

Me too but the last time I had WINE working properly was on Ubuntu 12.04LTS so I gave up a few years ago.
Maybe I should try it out again?

Wine is always good. :smiley:

For years I couldn’t play Diablo III 64 bit with WINE and resorted to playing the 32 bit version which worked ok. I am using OpenSuSE Tumbleweed which boasts the bleeding edge of software and I thought to try WINE 64 bit on Diablo III to see if it would finally work. It does!!! Wahoo!


But the first time I played, it booted me out. I don’t know why. I had to install DX3D to make it work. Maybe the version of DX3D is the wrong one? I’m still happy.

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steamplay + proton fixed just about everything that broke stuff when I was trying to install a game in wine (quite possibly a pirated game :smiley: - encouraged me to buy it - AoE2 HD Edition : I am looking at you) … I wish Steam had starcraft (the national sport of South Korea) in their libraries… I’m going to try and figure out how to make the Windows version of Cossacks 3 play in steamplay+proton because the “native” version for Linux is seriously the shittiest most unstable piece of software I’ve EVER used on Linux…

I’m intrigued by that “not a game” thing that @Mina and @Ute were discussing… I might have to check that out…
– pc update –
My new AMD gaming PC is almost ready to go - just needs a brain (and a better power supply - fingers crossed the 4x4 GB DDR4 RAM I mistakenly bought in 2016 still works on more recent motherboards) - payday on Monday :smiley: probably a Ryzen 7 3700X…

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Before I tried WINE 6.0, I tried Steam + Proton, but it wouldn’t work. At least, I couldn’t get Diablo III to work with Steam + Proton.