Things that Prevent Me from Totally Abandoning Windows


Apologies. I should have checked to see if all those features were present in the browser version but sadly as you pointed out, they are not. I hope WPS works out for you.


You can of course use Microsoft Word online, (Microsoft 365 or whatever it’s called?) without having to use Windows at all. I have that option in Peppermint OS 9 with Ice apps, which open apps as if they are installed natively, but instead in a private browser. You simply login using your Microsoft account. I did not read the above comments so ignore this.


WPS office works fine for me also. So it may be your solution. Good Luck.


Here are your options if you want better compatibility with MS Office docs:

  • Save the document as MS Word in LibreOffice. Use MS Fonts as well.
  • Use WPS Office or FreeOffice
  • Use Microsoft 365 (online version of MS Office)


I agree with your point about issues with LibreOffice, and really, the other MS-Office-Work-Alikes. I, too, have had issues with Excel compatibility with the SoftMaker version called ‘PlanMaker’ because it can read and update ‘xlsx’ files but the resulting file cannot be read in Excel. My theory is that I am using some more ‘exotic’ features of Excel that PlanMaker can read but once it writes out the updated version, Excel can’t handle it. I’ve also had issues with printing from TextMaker - it doesn’t format/support printing envelopes on my laser printer whereas LibreOffice’s Word-like program does.

Try installing your version of MS Office on Linux via PlayonLinux to be able to use it natively but in Linux. I run Excel (native MS version but old -2007) under Wine and installed it via PlayOnLinux. It works great! I have also used MS Word & PowerPoint under PlayOnLinux with great success!

Best of luck!


I too have experienced some ugliness in opening documents with heavy formatting in docx or xslx format from MS Office when opened in Libre/Open Office… and vice versa…
Me? I don’t really need MS so much… I find that Google-Sheets does just as good a job as Excel / Libre Calc (except for maybe mailmerge functions - I think they’re there somewhere but wouldn’t have a clue).
10 years ago - I was doing pretty much 100% Solaris work, and the Sun people used “Star Office” (which became Open then Libre Office) - I had to install Star / Open office to read documents they sent me (on Windows XP) and it installed a Java JRE that BROKE all the other Java apps I needed (e.g. Enterprise Backup management tool!).

So anyway - cut forward to now? I don’t “need” Windows - but for two things in my job :
Cherwell Service Desk (what a horror of an application!)
and Skype for Business (we don’t have physical handsets on our desks here - it’s all Skype 4 Business and Jabra headsets).
The latest / greatest version of O365 Outlook Web Access has 10x more functionality than the Microsoft binary installed Windows apps!

If it was me? I’d much rather use VirtualBox than the hassle of dual-booting… some 5-6 years ago - the only Windows app I still “held onto” (i.e. at home) was CorelDraw - and I used to run it in VirtualBox… I’ve since got my head around InkScape, and the only thing I miss from CorelDraw is multi-page vector drawing documents…


Libre Office 6.2 has been released and they claim better MS office compatibility. Here the scoop. LibreOffice 6.2


thanks @kc1di the version I have installed is Version: which come with Mint 19.1 so no doubt we’ll get in through as an update soon


I’m an academic reviewing and writing papers too. I have more and more become a hard-core LaTeX advocate in doing this; I know some disciplines pretty much insist on LaTeX (math, physics), whereas mine (geography) is usually word-processor based. My own experience with Word, LibreOffice, WPS, and SoftMaker Office is that there are varying levels of consistency with formatting, typesetting, graph treatment, etc., no matter what suite you use, because they’re all trying to copy Word, which keeps changing its proprietary format to hinder other packages. So it seems to me that Word compatibility is an intractable problem.

I’ve got Word 2010 running on my Ubuntu machines, without a virtual machine, using Play on Linux - that’s for when I really must use Word. Otherwise, SoftMaker Office’s presentation software is my go-to (I love LibreOffice, but Impress isn’t very good at all).

But for anything lengthy or serious, I’m all about LaTeX, and have been ever since my dissertation. I don’t require my students to use it, but I certainly try to get them to. Managing things like page references or placement of figures and captions is pure tedium in any word processor, but LaTeX handles that beautifully. Well, well worth the learning curve. And then you’re OS agnostic :slight_smile:


You have 3 good options here.
First option, install PlayonLinux, and then install for example Office 2007 or Office 2010
Second option. ONLYOFFCE desktop editors. This program gives very good formatting
Third option, Microsoft office online


I agree about LaTeX.

The cloud service Overleaf provides numerous templates for academic work and you can even submit directly to some journals. It’s free for quite a lot of data and the software is always up to date. You can start your project on Overleaf and then dowload it to work offline on your own computer (any operating system). I use TexLive (full version), with TexStudio as front end.

If you really must start with a wordprocessor, LibreOffice Writer has a set of output filters that convert your text to LaTeX, which you can then paste into your Overleaf template.


No excuse, either use virtualbox or just try OpenOffice. I prefer openoffice but I have never had any issues with either Libreoffice or Openoffice other than Libre tends to have some launching issues latey so I use openoffice.


What about giving Softmaker a try? a try? It’s MS compatibility is very good!

How do I delete my profile?

CorelDraw was licensed from Xara; that marriage in hell didn’t last long. Xara went on to expand on their core code.

(I really hate Google lately.) Anyway, I haven’t really kept up with Xara/Magix which I thougth was a half-vast marketing mistake,


Are you sure about that?

I’ve used CorelDraw since version 3, on Windows 3.0, circa 1991…

I think Xara is a raster/bitmap product… I’m talking about CorelDraw, the vector illustration product - and most certainly not CorelPaint or Xara…

I do recall that Corel supposedly ported CorelPaint to Linux - however it wasn’t really a “port” - it was just the Windows version with Wine packaged within the installer.

Corel also ventured into the Linux space with their own Distro - but that didn’t last very long… And then they also bought some office products from Novell and tried competing against Microsoft, with WordPerfect, Quattro-Pro spreadsheet and others - like that was ever going to work…

The old meme about not being able to exit vi/vim? Back in the day when I was doing desktop support - I had no idea how to exit Wordperfect - if I came to do some work on a PC running wordperfect and the user wasn’t there? I just used to hit the power button because I didn’t have a clue how to exit Wordperfect :smile:


Sounds like a typical console to PC port of a video game, where the game runs with 12 FPS on the best hardware. :smile:

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The last time I tried au naturel, it was brrrrrhhh…!


My post in the Lounge for those who want to see a list of Open Source Software (OSS) that rivals Windows Programs.
OSS is mainly for Linux, but many can be installed on Windows and Mac.


Here is a link to my website’s download page for the document that contains a list of Open Source Software (OSS) some of which also work on Windows and Mac. I would appreciate any additions or editorials to make it better. Enjoy!