Thunar USB automount write permissions


Hello everyone! I’m quite stuck with this one.

I help manage a small fleet of thinkpads with Xubuntu 16.04 that are used for giving workshops.
When a user attaches a USB key, I need Thunar to automount the USB with read and write permissions for that user (non-root). Presently, it is automounting as read only.
Basically, I need the participants of our workshops to be able to plug their USB key and “drag and drop” files from a local folder into their USB key.

I feel like this post on superuser has some good hints but it does not works for my applications because the user’s USB key is different at each workshop.

Thank you!


full disclosure: i didn’t read through all of the responses to see if there was a clean solution. i just happened to stumble on this thread when i was searching for something else and it reminded me of your post :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot @cordx!
Unfortunately there were no fixes suggested but I appreciate you sending it my way.
Let me know if you see anything else.



The solution for my user-case was to change the side panel to tree-view
In the Thunar window go to View → Side Pane → Tree window or press CTRL + E to switch the side panel to Tree View, then drag your files to the usb key.

You can see the description in AskUbuntu. Thanks to mook765 for the suggestion.