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I am using a second laptop with WIndows10 installed. I become used to Thunderbird e-mail with Firefox browser on my Linux Ubuntu laptop. I installed both on laptop with windows, as I found I cannot open G-Mail with outlook.
However, Thunderbird is totally of the mark in Windows10. Cannot open a selection of e-mails. Mainly in the news category groups. The mail headings are there but the body is missing.Also the fonts is way off. I can almost not read the e-mails prints and when I try to reply the e-mail fonts is very large paragraph spacing very big. I tried to adjust in Tools > Settings but no success.

Hi @Willem_Fick ,
I have thunderbird in Win10 and it works fine.
You must have changed some settings. It would probably be easiest to remove thunderbird from Win10 and then reinstall it, and see if it works with the default settings.

Hi Neville
Thanks for the prompt reply.
I thought maybe the problem was with browser, as you know Win10 comes with Edge.
I installed Firefox and then re-install thunderbird. NO success. However, I have done as you suggested and again re-install. using firefox it fails to install repeatedly giving me the “fail to install message”. Using Edge I tried again and it installed first time.
It appears to be working now, The fonts still appears to be faulty. does work at all as flawless as Ubuntu.
I will continue with the current situation and maybe will get used to it.
Willem. .

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