Thunderbird unread mails do not show up in top panel in Ubuntu

Can you please point me in the right direction. My Ubuntu 18.04 Unity 64-bit desktop is not showing the mail widget in the top bar which turns blue when there are unread mails in Thunderbird 68.7.0. How can I install this feature?

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Would be Birdtray an option for you?

Don’t know. Tried but the Github installation process is as clear as mud.

It should be in the repo too.
Just a sudo apt install birdtray…

If it’s missing (being on Debian I’m really unsure about Ubuntu repo) try this:

Many thanks, found it here: and installed successfully but I have not really been able to see what it does and how it is supposed to work yet.

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Birdtray does not do what is required, i.e. to indicate when there are new unread mails.