Touchpad recognition/ acceleration settings

Hi - first posting.
I am keen to install Ubuntu on my HP Elite X2 1012 G2, and have done so many time successfully on other laptops/ Pc’s. However, when I do I cannot seem to get it to recognise my touchpad (this model has a detachable keyboard, if that’s relevant). I get the setting for mouse, but not touchpad. Problem is that the touchpad works but is painfully slow to move the cursor across the screen. Adjusting the mouse settings does nothing to the touchpad speed. I need to accelerate it somehow, and have tried searching this but with no real success. I wouldn’t have come on to ask this if I was really experienced and it was easy to find, so sorry if it is obvious to others.
I have tried other Distros to see if this was a characteristic of main Ubuntu, but POP_OS, Zorin etc., all derivatives of course, were the same. Then I tried Elementary OS and the touchpad setting were there and worked great. I might have settled for that but it is as buggy as hell for me. Odin I think it is called. So many broken dependencies I cannot fix etc.

Given that Elementary OS is again a derivative of Ubuntu it seemed plausible that I should be able to get other Ubuntu derivaties to work. The touchpad is a deal-breaker for me.
note that I specify ‘Ubuntu derivatives’ only in the sense that I have some experience of these. I have not tried others outwith the Ubuntu sphere as I’m a bit daunted by the installs (I had a go at Fedora and the partitioning was too confusing) Can anyone assist?

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Is KDE as desktop environment an option for you?

It is extremely easy to customise, e.g. for touchpad settings (sorry for the German labels):

Thank you for replying Mina. I have always preferred Gnome-based Distros, but you have suggested a way forward for me. Thanks very much


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Just thought I’d round this off by saying that I tried 21.10 and, to my delight, it worked, so something in the kernel I assume has resolved this.

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