Trying to get virtual box to accept windows7

Hi, I posted earlier that I needed to open 2 windows programs and it was suggested that I use a VM. I have virtual box running but at the stage of creating a box I get: box creation failed.This is with a Windows 7 iSO and also with a Ubuntu 16.04 iSO. Don’t know what to do next. Any suggestions please. Thanks.I run ubuntu 18.04 in my laptop.

Could you provide more information on the steps you’ve taken, and the point at which the error occurs.

Once VirtualBox is installed, there is a fairly straightforward wizard to guide you through the creation of a new VM. The first steps are all about defining the environment (disk, memory and CPU allocation), and it’s only after this, when the VM is launched for the first time, that you are asked to specify the location of the OS .iso file or disc. What should happen then is that the installer for the guest OS will run.

I have to say I’ve never encountered any issues with VirtualBox during the installation process for a new VM, but I have had occasional issues post-install with some guest OS’s.

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Occasionally, you can get kernel incompatibility issues with vbox (happens more often with VMware workstation)…

Maybe try removing virtualbox with purge :

sudo apt purge virtualbox (??? - maybe hit tab after typing "virtual" for auto-completion)

then re-install

sudo apt install virtualbox

I’ve very occasionally experience issues with vbox… but generally its as straightforward as “apt install virtualbox”…

If that doesn’t work - maybe do a purge again and go to the virtualbox download site and get the binaries for your platform :

(grab the compatible version of the extension pack while you’re there and install that too)


Hi Daniel and Winston, I have been trying to reply to your suggestions about the VM but could not access the site, sorry for the delay but just want to say that Daniel’s suggestion worked and I now have a VM with windows 7 loaded in it, very much appreciate your help, I was stuck and and this forum fixed that, again. Thanks to both of you.